Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I get a job at Kia?

    Currently, Kia Georgia, Inc. is accepting applications for Maintenance and Die Maintenance Team Member positions.

    2. How do I apply for these positions?

    You are at the right place. The maintenance application is available online here at There will not be a printed application.

    If you need assistance in finding a computer with Internet access, or with completing the application, you can go to any Georgia Department of Labor Career Center to get that assistance. To find the Career Center nearest you, click here.

    From our homepage,, click the "Apply Now!" button to open the application.

    In the maintenance application, you will select one of the two job categories: Maintenance Team Member or Die Maintenance Team Member. You can learn more about these jobs here.

    To learn more about what personal information you will need to complete the application, see question 4 below. It is important that your maintenance application be filled out completely and thoroughly.

    Good luck! We look forward to receiving your application.

    3. I previously applied for a maintenance position. Do I need to reapply?

    If you applied during the last open application period, and have not received a Preliminary Job Offer from KMMG, you will need to reapply now for employment consideration. Updates and improvements have been made to KMMG's employment process since that time.

    4. What information will I need to complete my online application?

    Kia Georgia, Inc. is looking for the best-qualified maintenance candidates to join our team. Your maintenance application is the first step in helping us identify and select these motivated, qualified candidates. Therefore, it is very important that the maintenance application be filled out completely and thoroughly, and with the most accurate information.

    Here is a list of some information you should prepare before sitting down at a computer to complete the application:

    1. Complete job history. This must include the addresses and contact names and information for your former employers. You must include your job title(s) and the dates of employment.

    2. Educational and training background. This information should include any educational or training experience you have. You must have a high school diploma or a GED. Also, any additional education you may have received at a technical college or other college should be included. Any certification programs or special job-related training programs you have completed will also be very helpful.

      Please be prepared with the names of all institutions attended, the dates attended, and information about all certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded, as well as any specialized training you received during your career.

    3. Contact information. You must also include all current contact information as well as information about your past residences.

    5. Once I have applied for a maintenance position, what is the time period after I complete my application until the next step in the process?

    Hiring the right people takes time and careful consideration. As a result, there are many steps on the journey to Kia employment.

    Successfully passing through each step can take many months or even longer, based on an applicant's qualifications and Kia's hiring needs. This requires a lot of patience, but the payoff of a Kia job offer can be very rewarding. If you are not contacted immediately, do not get discouraged.

    6. What are the steps in the selection process for maintenance team members?

    After you complete the online application, your information will be stored on file at Kia Georgia. At the appropriate time, Kia Georgia will review the applications and select candidates who have the experience, education and qualifications needed to fill open positions on the Kia team.

    Based upon these job-related criteria, qualified applicants are contacted and asked to attend an initial interview and screening session.

    Successful applicants are then invited to enter the maintenance selection process administered by Georgia’s Quick Start. This process involves a series of classes and assessments that will help determine whether an applicant continues through the process. These assessments evaluate the skills, flexibility, teamwork, qualifications and work ethic of an applicant. Once a team member is selected by the company, Quick Start and Kia Georgia will provide additional customized training to prepare individuals to take their place as valuable members of the Kia team. Please click here for an overview of the Employment Selection Process.

    Please note: We will contact you if you have been selected to proceed with the process. You do not have to call Georgia Quick Start, the Georgia Department of Labor Career Center, the Kia Georgia Training Center or Kia Georgia.

    Any applicants needing to update contact information can do so by clicking here.

    7. May I apply for more than one position?

    Applicants can initially apply for one position only: MTM or DMTM.

    8. What kinds of skills will Kia be looking for?

    Maintenance Team Members (MTM) are involved in performing a variety of mechanical and electrical functions, such as corrective and predictive maintenance on equipment. The Maintenance Team Members need previous experience and/or training in industrial and manufacturing technologies such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, automation, robotics, pneumatics, PLCs, welding, etc.

    Die Maintenance Team Members (DMTM) perform various tool & die maintenance functions to maintain Stamping transfer dies including providing technical support to CNC/Machining, Fabrication, and Tool & Die operations. These functions include tool & die troubleshooting and repair, change over and die setup, and miscellaneous fixture design and manufacture. The DMTM conducts setup, programming, and/or operation of various press, tooling, machining, or milling equipment. DMTMs have ongoing work interaction with extra-large, Class A surface dies in respect to maintenance and repair.

    9. Is there any program I can enroll in that will guarantee me a job at Kia?

    There is no training program offered by any external organization that will guarantee an individual a job at Kai Georgia, Inc. We assess the skills of each applicant on an individual basis. There are numerous institutions that provide training in the skills that Kia will be looking for, but completion of any of these programs does not guarantee a job at Kai Georgia, Inc. Team Members at Kai Georgia, Inc. are hired only after successfully completing the full application, pre-employment assessment, and selection process screening administered by Kia Georgia and Georgia Quick Start.

    10. Is there any way I can improve my chances at getting a job at Kia?

    Each job at Kia has specific technical skill requirements. As much as possible, these will be included in the description of any posted job. These skills range from electrical applications, HVAC, welding, pneumatics, robotics and industrial machinery, but can include numerous other advanced manufacturing technologies. Through any combination of work experience, education and training, an individual can prepare herself or himself to acquire these skills. Kia does not promote or recommend any particular educational or training program through which an individual can learn these skills. Many of Georgia's technical colleges offer a variety of programs that can help individuals acquire skills that can make them better candidates. It is an individual's responsibility, however, to select any educational or training program that matches one's personal career aspirations.

    11. What other factors can improve my chances at getting a job with Kia?

    Kia Georgia, Inc. expects all team members to display positive work ethics, have a strong desire to learn and succeed, and demonstrate a commitment to team work. Flexibility and a can-do attitude are also desirable. These behaviors are demonstrated through such actions as excellent attendance and courtesy and respect for fellow team members.

    12. When will I be notified if I am selected?

    Once we receive your application, we will review it and match your qualifications with our hiring needs. During this review, we consider important factors such as education, work history and work experience. Based upon these job-related criteria, qualified applicants are contacted and asked to attend an employment screening.

    The volume of applicants is very high, so reviewing all applications will take some time. If you are selected to proceed to the interview phase, you will be contacted. If you are not contacted in the next few months, do not get discouraged.

    13. When did the facility begin production?

    Kia Georgia, Inc. began production in November of 2009.

    14. Will there be any travel involved?

    Team Members may be required to travel for extended periods of training. Travel may include domestic and international locations.

    15. What type of work shifts or schedules will I work at Kia?

    All positions rotate through day, evening and night shifts every four (4) weeks. The assignment will call for flexibility in working hours, including working alternate or rotating shifts. These positions will require you to be available for overtime work (daily, weekend, and holiday) with or without advance notice.

    16. What type of benefits and compensation will Kia offer?

    At Kia Georgia our team members are our strength. That is why we offer a comprehensive compensation and benefit package that is competitive and flexible, designed to contribute to team members' and their families' well-being, financial security, satisfaction, and work/life balance.

    Competitive Compensation


    • Production Team Member:
               $15.89 (starting) and $24.57 (Top out).
    • Maintenance/Die Maintenance Team Member:
               $22.27 (starting) and $28.52 (Top out).
    • Rotating Shift Premium: $1.00/hr.
    • Overtime Pay
    • Attendance Incentive Program
    *Pay Rate: All Team Members will begin at the start rate (training wage) for their respective classification, $22.08/hour (MTM/DMTM). The starting rate is a training wage during your initial six month evaluation. After the successful completion of your evaluation period, KMMG team members will begin the 36 month progression schedule for Maintenance and Die Maintenance team members. The wage progression schedule permits increases in six month intervals based on meeting performance requirements. The wage schedule will be reviewed twice annually for Maintenance and Die Maintenance team members and appropriate structure adjustments may be granted on the first full pay periods in April and October.

    Health & Welfare Benefits, Programs, and Services

    • Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental & Vision
    • Basic & Dependent Life
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Short/Long-term Disability
    • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
    • Health/Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Paid Time Off (2 weeks+)
    • Paid Holidays (annual average of 14)
    • Basic Skills Education, Training, & Development
    • Tuition Assistance Program
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Voluntary Cancer, Life, and Accident Insurance
    • Group Auto & Home Insurance (discount rates)
    • Team Wear (company-paid clothing)
    • Vehicle Purchase Program (Kia product discounts)
    • Safety Glasses and Shoes
    • Occupational Health Center (24-hour)
    • 24-Hour Fire, Police & Security Protection (onsite)
    • Banking Center (onsite)
    • Full Cafeteria Service
    • On-Site Fitness Center

17. How do I apply for salaried professional positions?

If you are interested in salaried employment opportunities please visit

18. What types of salaried professional positions are available?

    To help achieve our vision of ensuring customer first and mutual prosperity of people, we need qualified candidates for a diverse array of salaried professional and leadership positions. These positions provide administrative to the automobile assembly operations. Available jobs include Specialist, Group Leader, Assistant Manager and Manager.

    Salaried professional positions exist in the following functional areas:

    - Accounting & Finance
    - General Assembly
    - Body Weld
    - Construction/Facilities
    - Production Engineering
    - General Affairs
    - Human Resources
    - Sales & Distribution
    - Legal
    - Team Relations
    - Maintenance
    - Training & Organizational Development
    - Paint
    - Production Control
    - Public Relations
    - General Purchasing
    - Procurement
    - Quality Assurance & Control
    - Safety, Medical, and Security
    - Stamping

    A combination of college degree and recent work experience in related areas is required for most salaried positions. To be part of the Kia Georgia team, it takes a strong desire and demonstrated commitment to work in a positive, challenging work environment.

Kia Georgia, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, age, ability or disability, religion, marital or veteran status, or member in any other legally protected class.